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Film Review

Theodora Goes Wild

By Gareth Jones For fans of screwball comedies, post code but still spicy Hollywood, Irene Dunne, and fans of the name Mervyn Released in 1936, a couple of years after the implementation of the Hays Code, Theodora Goes Wild is a commentary on the self-censorship of Hollywood and the hand-wringing of American society.  It tells the story of youngTheodora Lynn, member of the namesake family of conservative small town Lynnville.  […]

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Music Review

Screaming Females – Desire Pathways

By Kristi Houk   Recommended if you like: The Breeders, Rush, Veruca Salt, Bat Fangs Kathleen Hanna is right—Marissa Paternoster IS one of the best guitar players alive. Paternoster is the guitarist and singer of the New Jersey band, Screaming Females, and their 8th release, Desire Pathway on Don Giovanni Records is a tour de force. Chock full of guitar riffs reminiscent of all your favorite classic rock bands like […]

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Welcome to the 5 Ninth Avenue Project

By Jason Hamric The quintessential dive into every day life in the 80's NYC freak scene If I could time travel there are a few places I'd love to go.  Paris in the '20s would be amazing, California in the 60's sounds exciting but my first stop would have to be Manhattan in the early 80's.  The intersection of punk, hip hop, new wave and street art/style.  The Bronx were […]

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Music Review

Fucked Up – One Day

By Jason Hamric After two decades, most bands get bored.  They start to rewrite and rehash everything they’ve ever done and usually not for the better, but that’s NOT Fucked up!  Well it is… but I am not here to be punny.  Somewhere between hardcore and some twisted power pop fever dream is exactly where Fucked Up seems to live.   “What could you do in just one day?”  A […]

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Film Review


By Gareth Jones For fans of Andrei Tarkovsky, Experimental Documentaries, Nuclear Waste concerns (who isn’t concerned?) Released in 2022 (not to be confused with the horror film with the same title) this experimental Lithuanian documentary is directed by Emilija Škarnulytė.  It has the pacing of Tarkovsky as well as his immersive cinematography.  It focuses on the Ingnalina Power Plant in Lithuania which was the sister power plant to Chernobyl.  After […]

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Film Review


By Gareth Jones   For fans of J-Horror, Atmospheric Ghost Stories, Japanese Folk Horror Released in 1968 (the same year as Witchfinder General, one of the Unholy Trinity of Folk Horror and to which there are many similarities) Kuroneko is Kaneto Shindo’s second horror masterpiece.  Set in war-torn medieval Japan (mirroring the post-WWII economic chaos) it tells the story of a mother and daughter-in-law who are brutally raped and killed […]

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Not Your Grandma’s Grammys?

By Jason Hamric Substrate wants to thank the Grammys for a great start on redirecting the awards event this year. From an organization with an extremely problematic history with rap and the over all hip hop genre and lifestyle when it comes to awards, this is a wonderful move forward.  The 50 years of Hip Hop presentation was amazing. I don’t even know how to elaborate on that (GO WATCH […]

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Film Review

My Sundance Picks 2023

By Gareth Jones For the first time since 2020, Sundance held an in-person festival and it was a wondrous return.  There was an energy and level of excitement that was palpable.  Seeing great films in a theater with a collection of film-lovers is the best way to experience films.  It is unmatched. Film festivals are still a vital part of the cinematic ecosystem and Sundance is the first of the […]

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