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Caleb’s Crawfish Kickback

today April 22, 2023my_locationElysian Gardens

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A fundraiser for Ady’s Army, a non-profit organization that supports kids and adults with disAbilities and their parents. Here’s a link to their page,  Here’s why. Summer break is around the corner and kids are gearing up to have a great time with their peers at summer camp. Often special needs children can’t attend those same summer camps because the staff is not trained or equipped to meet their needs. Or parents often can’t afford to hire a personal aid. After my son Caleb left elementary school, we had the hardest time finding a place for him and his sister Emery to enjoy a summer camp experience together.  Many summer camps denied access for the same reasons, excluding him and other kids with disAbilities. We felt like there wasn’t a place for our son in the same spaces our daughter could freely go.  To overcome this unfortunate objection and promote inclusion for all kids,  we are establishing a foundation that will provide financial support to hire a personal aid so our kids can attend any camp alongside their peers.  All proceeds will go to the nonprofit Ady’s Army

Begin April 22, 2023 H 3:00 pm
End April 22, 2023 H 8:00 pm
Location Elysian Gardens
Address 101 40th st S
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