CHAT PILE with Portrayal of Guilt and Nightosphere

today May 18, 2024my_locationSaturn

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Like the towering mounds of toxic waste from which it gets its namesake, the music of
Oklahoma City noise rock quartet Chat Pile is a suffocating, grotesque embodiment of the
existential anguish that has defined the 21st Century. Between a dying planet, ever-increasingsocio-economic disparity, and a general quality of life in a tailspin, one can’t help but muster achuckle at this self-destructive dumpster fire of reality. It’s self-parody in its bleakest form andwithin that nihilism something undeniably alluring that four slacker okies would channel into asound that has captivated the underground and beyond.

From the very get-go, there was an immediate allure to the idea of four otherwise ordinary guysall coming together, smoking copious amounts of weed and recording some of the heaviest,hellish, and harrowing music to ever emerge from the American heartland, if not the world. Foras oppressively bleak as its sound is, Chat Pile provides a distillation of the universally relatablemodern dread felt by countless people every day.

Formed in 2019 and adopting the aliases of Stin (bass), Captain Ron (drums), Luther Manhole
(guitar), and Raygun Busch (vocals), Chat Pile generated an immediate stir amid a burgeoning
Midwest noise rock renaissance and beyond, releasing two EPs, This DungeonEarth and Remove Your Skin Please. Its debut full-length record God’s Country, released viaThe Flenser in 2022, would take the world by storm, receiving universal critical acclaim,numerous accolades including Pitchfork’s Best New Music and countless year-end lists,including Rolling Stone’s Best Metal Albums of the Year and SPIN’s Best Albums of 2022. In asimilarly explosive fashion, Chat Pile would enter 2023 with a bang, in just the first six monthsalone, the band served as support for Lingua Ignota’s final run of shows, released Brothers InChrist, a split EP with fellow “Flyover-Country” noise rock outfit Nerver, and made its fieryinternational live performance debut at Roadburn 2023.

Begin May 18, 2024 H 7:00 pm
End May 18, 2024 H 11:59 pm
Location Saturn
Address 200 41st Street South
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