Horsegirl – Lifeguard

today August 1, 2023my_locationSaturn

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Horsegirl is a noisy rock trio from Chicago composed of Penelope Lowenstein (she/her), Nora Cheng (she/her), and Gigi Reece (they/them), all 17-18 years old. Horsegirl draws inspiration from shoegaze and post-punk, in the realm of ‘90’s American and UK indie underground. Together for just over a year, they have played contemporary art museums, all ages venues, open mics, and house parties.

Lifeguard is a punk-band-power-trio. Emerging out of the young and exciting windy city DIY scene with the likes of Horsegirl, Post Office Winter, and Friko, Lifeguard have become a part of a cultural moment. Though the members are all still in high school, they are on the forefront of a younger generation taking old music, understanding what made it great, applying it to their art and pushing it in the future. This isn’t a nostalgia act, this is a band for now, distilling lessons learned from SST, Dischord and Sub Pop and channeling it into fury and anxiety for the modern world. – Joe Trainor

Begin August 1, 2023 H 7:30 pm
End August 1, 2023
Location Saturn
Address 200 41st Street South
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