Palomino Blond

today June 28, 2023my_locationThe Firehouse

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Palomino Blondstarted in 2018 and immediately developed a reputation as one of thehardest-working bands in the state, packing house shows and converted warehouses allover Florida with only a handful of demos to their name. From their humble beginningsin Kendall’s long tradition of DIY all-ages shows to getting recognized byIggy Popas”one of Miami’s brightest lights,” Palomino Blond has consistently grown its audiencethrough a music-first approach with raucous live shows and an infectious, ever-evolvingsound thatis as inviting as it is intense in its mood shifts.TheMiami New Timescalled”Supergalore” from their 5-SongDemosEP a “Propulsive bummer anthem, buoyed byfloating vocals and brutal riffs built in to three musical acts,” also naming it one of the”Best Songs of 2018.”The band’s carefully crafted guitar-based songs sound as relevantin 2021 as they would have been in the 90’s, with roots in Grunge, Gothic Rock, Pop-Punk, and Shoegaze.Early 2019 saw the release of the single and striking video for”CreatureNatural”(Directed byMichael CuartasandJonathan Cuartas–Director of the 2020Patrick Fugit-starring film,My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To), with theMiami New Timesgoing as far to say that “Palomino Blondis taking Miami by Storm,”and calling it one of “The 20 Best Miami Songs of 2019.”This organically led toSoutheast US supporting shows and tours withBlack Lips, Of Montreal, LastDinosaurs, Chastity Belt, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Casket Lottery, BornRuffians, Unwed Sailor, Ceramic Animal, seeyousoon, Thelma and the Sleaze,and Spendtime Palace,along with appearances atThe Fest (18, 19 and 20), iii Points(‘21,’22), Sing Out Loud, Pulp Fest, Bumblefest,and MadSoul.The band’s fiery live shows regularly garner glowing comparisons to such luminaries as:The SmashingPumpkins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth,and The Breeders.The coronavirus pandemic hit Florida in March 2020, just as the band’s 12″Split EPwithLas NubesonBuFu Records was to be released.During the resulting quarantine,original membersRaven Nieto(bass) andJake Karner(drums) exited the band, withclose friendsPeter Allen(Bass/Vocals) and Acosta’s cousin,Emma Arevalo(Drums/Vocals) now in the fold as permanent members and key contributors.Summer 2021 saw the release of the forward-thinking, self-recorded and produced”Dead Hand”/”Lo Siento” double-single, two radically different offerings to tide fansover until the release of theirdebut 7-songontheinsideEP, which will be released onNovember 19th, 2021byPalomino BlondandLimited Fanfare(The Sh-Booms,Astronautalis, Ex Norwegian, Heavy Drag.) with Vinyl, Cassette and CD availableJanuary 21st, 2022.Recording of the EP began in late 2019 with the lead single andfan-favorite,”Phoebe.””Phoebewas the first ‘new song’ we started playing live after we released our initial batch of demos. It’s a favorite of ours and has been in our set for over 2 years bythis point, but wasn’t finished until 2021 due to the pandemic,”saysKyle Fink, (whowants everyone to know that the song is NOT about indie songstressPhoebe Bridgers).ontheinsidewas Producedand Mixed byPalomino BlondandJonathan Nuñez(ofMiami heavy legendsTorche) and Mastered byBrad Boatright(TheArmed,WRONG, Stranger Things Soundtracks) atAudiosiegeinPortland, OR.Acostapoints out aboutNuñez, “Working with Jon [again] was cool because we got toplay guitar through his massive [Nuñez Amplification] amps on a lot of the tracks. He’sdefinitely just as focused as we were on achieving that loud, bass-that-shakes-your-rear-view-mirror type of sound.”Other standout tunes onotiinclude “Stone,” which wasmixed by Grammy-nominated Producer/Engineer/EditorAlan Armitage(Ginuwine,Boyz II Men, N’Sync.)Carli notes that “Stonecame together in the studio for the mostpart. It had a post-punk feel at rehearsals, and then it evolved into this big blossomingneo-psych vibe in the studio. It even feels a little country at some points.”The dark andbuilding “Lovely,” “Is almost through-composed, with very few repeating melodies savefor the reprise of the first verse at the end. To me, it’s like our Bohemian Rhapsody ifBohemian Rhapsody were 3 minutes long.” For the title track, “ontheinside” is the resultof the bandmates trusting each other’s judgment and building on each other’s ideas.Carli re-worked a demo that Kyle wrote and added a new structure and lyrics. Emmybuilt their drum tracks on the fly during the session, with Peter helping to layer thedrums and synths, which resulted in a propulsive and hypnotic sound that anchors theEP and exceeded all of the band members’ expectations.

Begin June 28, 2023 H 8:00 pm
End June 28, 2023 H 11:59 pm
Location The Firehouse
Address 412 41st St S
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