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today July 28, 2023my_locationLCY

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Many of you have heard that just 10 days ago my son River and three of his friends were walking on the railroad tracks behind our house when 2 of them were struck by the train. They were caught walking over the train trestle and had no where to go. Thank God the two kids who were hit survived! While they are doing well they both have long journeys ahead of them. River told me, “Dad it was just like stand by me!” How horrifying for those kids. Well I along with a few of my friends have decided to do a benefit show to support these families. July 28th Skate Alabama is putting on punk show to raise money for these for these wonderful people. It’s $10 and everything we raise goes directly to them. Come hangout! Buy a shirt! Thanks for the support. You can buy tickets at Furnace Fest, Qualifier, Made Aware, Property, Commodity

Johnny Grimes

Begin July 28, 2023 H 7:00 pm
End July 28, 2023 H 11:00 pm
Location LCY
Address 3614 6th Avenue South
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