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TVs of Terror and Under the MountainĀ present RE-ANIMATOR
Date: 8/13/23
Door Time: 7:30 PM
Event Time: 8:00 PM
Age Restriction:Ā 18+

Things are really heating up this summer at Saturn, but TVs of Terror and Under the Mountain have just the thing to chill your bones. This month’s movie is quite a brainbuster and sure to make you go *blech* with fright! Ladies, gentlemen, evil beings – presenting the one, the only, Stuart Gordon’sĀ lauded and acclaimed Lovecraftian creepfest –Ā RE-ANIMATOR.

Newly-arrived atĀ Miskatonic University,Ā young and petulant Herbert West begins making his mark on the medical program in some rather revolting ways. He’s obsessed with the potential of a serum he’s been working on to reanimate dead tissue, and he’s not keen to wait around and abide the fools in his program who wish to stifle his creativity. After running afoul of the dean and the university president, West takes it upon himself to accelerate his experiments, leading to a mad orgy of death, resurrection, goop, gore, and laughs!

As with all our little soirees, food will be on hand to go with the film. We’ll have pizza, popcorn, and candy at the ready when you arrive for the show; and a special drink will be available at the bar to delight your zombified taste buds. We’ll also cap off the proceedings with our “world-famous, patented lightning round trivia” where you can compete to win wonderful prizes!

TVs and UtM are thrilled to have you with us for the TVs of Terror second season finale. We only hope that nothing strange and unnatural befalls you or your friends as the evening unfolds. (Not that anything of that sortĀ has happened before, of course.) See you around campus!

(Snazzy originalĀ poster designed by BJ Wilbanks!)

Begin August 13, 2023 H 7:30 pm
End August 13, 2023 H 11:00 pm
Location Saturn
Address 200 41st Street South
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