TVs of Terror presents Black Christmas

today December 13, 2023my_locationSaturn

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It’s a Christmas Miracle, TVs of Terror! Yes, folks. You heard right. We’re bringing you the original name of holiday terror. From the director of Porky’s, A Christmas Story, and Baby Geniuses, witness in amazing projected VHS glory Bob Clark’s 1974 proto-slasher¬†Black Christmas.

The final episode in Clark’s trilogy of now-classic horrors – following Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Deathdream –¬†Black Christmas¬†tells the story of a group of sorority sisters staying at their university sorority house over Christmas break who are harassed by a mysterious voice on the phone. As the calls¬†take on an increasingly deranged nature and one of the sisters disappears, the remaining girls¬†begin to suspect that there’s something sinister going on at their school.

TVs of Terror is excited to bring one final scare for the year to our loving audience. We’re hoping to spread the holiday cheer before our corporate oppressor (and likely now mortal enemy) WeBuy comes in and tears it all down, so come sit with us and have a hot chocolate, cider, or egg nog with us as we wait for the end to come!

As with every Christmas installment (Can you believe we’ve celebrated three already?!), we’ll have pizza, popcorn, and candy available during the movie. We’ll have shirts and stickers at the merch booth for all your seasonal shopping needs. We’ll have trivia and prizes, too! Come by and get silly with us before we’re done for!

Begin December 13, 2023 H 7:30 pm
End December 13, 2023 H 11:59 pm
Location Saturn
Address 200 41st Street South
Link https://wl.seetickets.us/event/black-christmas/578770?afflky=SaturnBirmingham
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