TVs of Terror presents THE DEADLY SPAWN

today September 24, 2023my_locationSaturn

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The end of the world is upon us! And every ending brings with it a new beginning. So begins the third season of TVs of Terror! We’re kicking off our new corporate existence with something icky, nasty, and straight-up GROSS with THE DEADLY SPAWN (aka The Return of the Alien’s Deadly Spawn).

When a meteorite crash into the woodlands outside a small town, the parasitic creatures onboard squirm their way into the basement of a nearby farmhouse and get right to feasting on the inhabitants. These aren’t your average aliens. They’re goopy little wormy guys who devour just about everything. Think about if Critters weren’t cute and ate human flesh! It’s delightfully grim and rather gory, so bring a raincoat and paper bag!

Per our now legally-binding contracts, we will have free pizza, popcorn, candy, and drink specials. And the event is totally FREE! We’re excited to have a few fun surprises and additions to the usual TVs of Terror milieu on display, thanks to our overlords…er…friends at WeBuy Inc. Come on down to WeBuyTown and see some terror on the TV!

Begin September 24, 2023 H 7:00 pm
End September 24, 2023 H 11:59 pm
Location Saturn
Address 200 41st Street South
Link https://wl.seetickets.us/event/TVs-of-Terror-presents-THE-DEADLY-SPAWN/565981?afflky=SaturnBirmingham
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