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Lætitia Sadier – Rooting For Love

todayFebruary 22, 2024 110

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By – Jackie Lo

If you like: Stereolab, Air, French Pop, electropop, conservation and environmentalism

I admit I have a soft spot for French music. Well, a lot of things that are French actually. The language, the food, the film, the fashion, and the architecture and design.  Late summer of 2020, during the height of the covid-induced shut down, I even did an entire show dedicated to my favorite French musicians with tracks by Jacqueline Taieb, Francoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Air, France Gall, La Femme, Erik Satie and more. I also have a huge soft spot for 90s music and Stereolab has been on my radar and in my playlists for many years. So, when asked to write a review on Laetitia Sadier’s new album (French musician and one half of Stereolab), I was definitely interested.

“Who + What” opens the album and I immediately felt the excitement that I did in music school with my favorite professor introducing us to a new modern composition. That’s exactly what I’d describe this as…a composition. Not a song. Not a track. A composition. With carefully layered vocals, basso continuo, lush backing vocals from The Choir, and tastefully introduced instrumentation throughout, at times sparse, it builds and layers and leaves your ears excited and surprised. It’s John Cage and Phillip Glass with a Stereolab overtone.

“Une Autre Attente” which translates to “Another Wait” picks the tempo up a bit and transports me back to 1996 listening to Emperor Tomato Ketchup for the first time. A catchy French Pop song will reel me in every time. More layering, choir, drum machines, synths, and plenty of breaths between parts and a video that is filled with layers of art and visuals, this song will fill any Stereolab fan’s heart.

Another beautiful composition “Panser L’inacceptable” (Heal the Unacceptable) combines Steve Reich-esque repeating rhythms with gorgeous vocals dripping with the ease and clarity that is quintessential Laetitia. The video, a collection of the beauty in the natural world, along with the uplifting melodies left me appreciative for our planet. I want to go swim in the ocean, take a hike in the woods, feel the wet earth on my feet, and play this song on repeat.

The last track on the album “Cloud 6” opens with long pads of synths and vocal “bop bop bops” that make me remember how much I love Laurie Anderson. The line “How can you be seen and known and loved…when you have your armor on” will break your heart and it closes with what might be my favorite ending line from any album, “I’m not fucking around. We’re halfway dead”.

Throughout the album there are moments of French Pop, 90s electronic, minimalist modern composition, and the velvety comforting Laetitia vocals we all love. It’s gorgeous and experimental. It’s minimalist and lush all at the same time. Multifaceted and complicated. You’ll want to find a quiet time to make this your soundtrack when you want to feel introspective and want to heal. This album is a plea to mankind for peace and love in a time of turmoil. Laetitia is “Rooting for Love” as we all should be.

Written by: Jackie Lo

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