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S.I.C. PICKS 03.25.2024

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Gareth’s Picks

Gas, Food, Lodging (1992)

I remember when this premiered at Sundance, and I was hoping to see Fairuza Balk at the screening.  It did not happen, but I did eventually see the movie and it is an excellent story about teenagers growing up in the West, not something you see everyday.  Allison Anders does a wonderful job balancing this story.  It also stars Ione Skye and Brooke Adams.

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The Dead (1987)

John Huston’s last film, but also maybe his best.  Angelica Huston deserved all the awards for this heartbreaking performance.  Adapted from James Joyce’s novella, it is one of the greatest adaptations of all time for me.  Now that we are past St. Patrick’s Day, watch a film that presents an Irish (but universal) tale you won’t soon forget.

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Craig’s Picks

The Science of Sleep (2006)

A French surrealistic romantic comedy directed by Michel Gondry that follows the imaginative and dream-prone life of a young man who struggles with his romantic feelings for his neighbor. Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg star. It’s distilled weird Gondry.

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Enemy Mine (1985)

Never-ending Story director Wolfgang Peterson follows up that fantasy with a odd sci-fi movie about a human (Dennis Quaid) and a member of the lizard specifies Drac (Louis Gossett Jr) that get stranded on a planet together and have to learn to live, laugh and love together. It’s weird.

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Written by: jamric

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