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SIC PICKS February 19, 2024

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Gareth’s Picks

Buck and the Preacher (1972)

Sidney Poitier’s directorial debut is this well-made western that also stars the great Harry Belefonte.  Poitier and Belefonte are brilliant together as they tell a story of black men in the west, an often untold story.  Belefonte in particular, greatly enjoys playing a complicated preacher that steals and kills, with all of his usual charms, in spite of his hideous teeth which he darkened in an attempt to make himself look less attractive.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime and other streaming services

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

It is hard to believe that 6 years have gone by since Boots Riley’s classic debuted at Sundance but if you have not seen it yet, consider this your call to action.  LaKeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson star in this surreal commentary on the modern experience.  Funny and poignant with incredible performances all around.

Available to stream on the ROKU Channel for free and other streaming services



Craig’s Picks

American Fiction (2023)

Jeffery Wright as writer Thelonius “Monk” Ellison, ghosting writing a successful “black” novel. It’s very meta and wrestles with identity and family and stereotypes and white liberal guilt. It’s nominated for best picture. Which is very meta in it’s own way…

Still in some theaters, or you can buy a digital copy for $20…


 Hollywood Shuffle (1987)

I watched this immediately after American Fiction as it deals with so many similar issues, granted it’s a little scrappier and you really have to give it some grace given it was 1987 (oh the casual homophobia…). But it’s impressive that this is pretty much a singular vision of comedian/writer/director Robert Townsend. He had help from “The Hollywood Shuffle players” including The Wayans family, Paul Mooney and John Witherspoon. The “Black Acting School” scene pretty much nails the point 10 minutes into the film. Again…it was 1987…just remember that.

Steaming free on Roku or the rent on all the platforms

Written by: jamric

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