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Snõõper – Super Snõõper

todayJuly 13, 2023 309

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By – Jason Hamric

For fans of jumping up and down, spinning in circles, dancing and house parties

After years of being bombarded with “perfect” sounding albums recorded with every bell and whistle one could possibly illegally download, and a decade of precisely tuned vocals and every drum replaced, Snõõper’s raw debut album Super Snõõper is a nice breath of fresh air pointy rock in the sole of your shoe!

What started out out as a project from two OG Nashville punk mainstays, Connor Cummins (guitar) and Blair Tramel (vocals) in 2020 the project soon spread via shared cassettes and no budget homemade videos.  After adding Cam Sarrett on drums, Happy Haugen on bass and Ian Teeple on guitar they were ready to take the “Snõõper Experience” to the stage.  They have been blowing away audiences ever since.

Super Snõõper immediately hits you with a nice healthy minute long track of what to expect.  It seems intentionally reckless like a band that gives zero fucks what you think, and before you can figure it out you’re already on to the next track.  The next track Bed Bugs comes in at 35 seconds, and the whole album is 14 tracks just under 30 minutes.  I’m afraid if I write any more you’ll be reading longer than listening.  

I’m not sure if dissecting these songs individually even matters.  It just needs to be listened to.  What I CAN tell you is that this album is great!  It stitches together the best aspects of post punk, art rock and healthy dash of the modern DIY scene.  What Super Snõõper’s best qualities are is that it brings back fun to the music.  It doesn’t overthink and the raw recording only serves the record.  It’s not lost on me that the bands bio was written by Henry Rollins.  Any of the tracks on this album could be right at home on Black Flag’s TV Party EP.  

At the end of the day I hope Super Snõõper is a sneak peek into the beginning of a collective shift.  It’s a great reminder to us to let loose, have fun and show us what enjoying music is supposed to look like.  Super Snõõper is out today on Third Man Records.  

Pick up your copy of Super Snõõper today at your local record store and if you are in Birmingham only at SEASICK RECORDS

Written by: jamric

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