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By Jason Hamric





  1. extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen.



What makes the number 13 such bad luck?  

While it evokes sheer dread in some, it completely plays on feelings of nostalgia and wonderful children’s games with others.   BUT, if you add in “Friday” to that 13 in there it s a straight up super villain holiday, and indisputable BAD LUCK DAY!

But, where did that even come from!  And why evil!?

I prefer to believe the weird Christian slant on it.  That at The Last Supper of Jesus there were a total of 13 people having dinner and that ole number 13 was Judas himself!   Add The Next day “Good Friday” and you’ve got a pretty good piece of Friday 13th folklore. 

In the United States the superstition is so widespread that MILLIONS of dollars are lost yearly just from people calling in “sick”.

But me? I like to celebrate Friday the 13th!  I love the thought of tempting fate!  I love having the address just this side of evil!  I love the irreverence and the ridiculousness of thumbing my nose at it all.  I don’t know why I’m  this way, but I do know I’m not alone in this thought process.  Every time there’s an opportunity there’s a celebration.  

One of my favorites is the Tattoo Parlor Friday The 13th parties!  I sat down with Aaron and Chatham from Sanctum Tattoo and Comics in Avondale in The Seasick/Mom’s complex and got the word on what’s happening there this weekend.

Joining tattoo parlors all over the world, Sanctum will be participating this year in celebrating Friday 13th with tattoo specials.  Come in and pick out a special 13th tattoo from their Friday only flash choices and then the rest is just hanging out at the shop!  This is a fun packed day of an endless line of tattoos and camaraderie around tattoo culture and the subversiveness of the Friday 13th tattoo!                                                                                                                           

Sanctum will be open a little earlier than the usual so get there and get your spot

Do not forget that Sanctum is not only a wonderful Tattoo shop but an amazing place to pick up your favorite graphic novel, comic or local zines!


Sanctum Tattoos and Comics

4410 4th Ave South Suite B

Birmingham, AL 35222

Written by: jamric

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