Tim Heidecker: The Two Tims Summer Tour ’23

today August 4, 2023my_locationSaturn

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After a successful 2022 Summer Tour, and a 2023 UK/Europe run, Tim Heidecker (from Timand Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and beyond) is taking The Two Tims (his “No More Bullshit” stand-up character and as his Very Good
Band) back on the road across America to present his acclaimed one of akind,  two-act evening of Tim Heidecker style comedy and music.

Heidecker’s“An Evening with Tim Heidecker” stand up special has reached over 1 millionviews on YouTube, and has prompted publications like Vulture to dub him “thepoet laureate of delusional assholes.” Truly, the “Tim Heidecker” of stand-upcomedy is the epitome of a “‘truth-telling’ comic with none of the talent, butall of the narcissism and aggression” (Vulture). There is no one finer at theart of “failure-centric comedy” (Vice) than this version of Heidecker.

The second half of the show features another side of Heidecker,the songwriter, musician and performer who has released a number of albums,including the Fear of Death collaboration with Weyes Blood, and his 2022record, High School. About Fear of Death, the Washington Post wrote “forthe first time, Heidecker sounds unapologetically like himself on tape — darkbut not dour, witty if not necessarily here for punchlines.” This is TimHeidecker without the quotes around his name, a representation of a talentedand prolific songwriter who never eschews his natural inclination towardshumor, but where there’s always something deeper and more real for listeners tosink their teeth into. Heidecker (guitar, vocals) and the Very Good Band, JoshAdams (drums), Eliana Athayde (bass, vocals) and Catfish Connor (lead guitar,pedal steel), will play songs from the entire Tim Heidecker catalogue.

Begin August 4, 2023 H 7:00 pm
End August 4, 2023 H 11:59 pm
Location Saturn
Address 200 41st Street South
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