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SIC PICKS 04.22.24

Gareth’s Picks The Gangster, the Cop, and the Devil (2019) Epic South Korean action film starring the always entertaining Ma Dong-seok, most famous for his role in Train to Busan. Here he is the gangster who teams up with a police officer to catch a serial killer. South Korean serial killer films are always worth a viewing. Available on TUBI   A Royal Affair (2012) Danish historical drama starring the GOAT […]

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s.i.c. picks

SIC Picks APRIL 29,.2024

Gareth’s Picks The Fog of War (2003) Errol Morris's searing documentary about Robert McNamara and the Vietnam War.  Miraculously, Mcnamara was more than willing to sit down and be interviewed for the film and it gives you a front row seat in the thinking around the war.  It is just as important now as it was in 2003. Available to stream for free on TUBI     Lake Mungo (2008) Terrifying found […]

todayApril 29, 2024 9


90’s Indie Favorites Heavenly Back And Adding Shows

Don't miss out on the rare opportunity to catch UK indiepop legends Heavenly in NYC this spring! It's been a long time since their last shows in the '90s, making their upcoming performances a momentous occasion for fans old and new. While their initial Market Hotel shows are already sold out, fear not - they've just announced an additional all-ages matinee at Trans-Pecos on June 1st. Joining them on stage […]

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Meet Kiki Wong: The Smashing Pumpkins’ Newest Guitarist

The Smashing Pumpkins recently made waves in the music scene with their announcement of Kiki Wong as their latest touring guitarist. The decision came after an exhaustive search that saw over 10,000 hopefuls vying for the coveted spot. Who is Kiki Wong? Well, she's not your typical guitarist. Raised on a diet of rock 'n' roll rebellion, Wong honed her skills in the underground clubs and smoky bars where the […]

todayApril 28, 2024 57


EMIMEM set to drop new album and old alter ego

Eminem, the iconic rap artist famed for his intricate wordplay and unapologetic style, has just dropped a bombshell announcement: "The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)." This revelation came alongside the unveiling of a tantalizing trailer during the NFL Draft, where Eminem shared the stage with the Detroit Lions, his hometown team. The trailer sets a somber mood as a seasoned true crime reporter narrates the demise of Slim […]

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Lollapalooza Unveils Its Sonic Saga: A 30-Year Journey in Three Acts

Lollapalooza is set to unveil its riveting odyssey in a three-part documentary series premiering exclusively on Paramount+ this May. Strap in, music aficionados, for a voyage through time and sound like no other. From its inception as a groundbreaking traveling festival in 1991, spearheaded by none other than Perry Farrell, the enigmatic frontman of Jane's Addiction, Lollapalooza has etched itself into the annals of music history as a catalyst for […]

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Film Review

Ikarie Xb-1

By - Gareth Jones For fans of innovative and philosophical science fiction, Eastern European films, influential science fiction films Edited and dubbed in English and titled Voyage to the End of the Universe, Ikarie XB-1 is a revelation when seen in its original language and length.  Luckily, it was restored to a new 4k digital version in 2016 by the Czech Film Archive. It is currently playing on the Criterion […]

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Song Of The Week

Fontaines DC – Starbuster

Fontaines D.C. are an Irish post-punk band formed in Dublin in 2014. The band consists of Grian Chatten, Carlos O'Connell, Conor Curley, Conor Deegan III, and Tom Coll. The band members met while attending music college and bonded over a common love of poetry FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FONTAINES DC HERE

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