“Yankee Doodle” to “Stupid Ho”: A Journey Through Diss Tracks in Music History

Throughout music history, few genres have witnessed the explosive evolution of lyrical confrontation as extensively as the Diss Track. From the humble beginnings of folk songs like "Yankee Doodle" to the hard-hitting modern tracks like "Stupid Ho," the art of throwing verbal jabs and lyrical insults has transformed and diversified over time. "Yankee Doodle," which dates back to the 1700's, is perhaps an unlikely starting point for the evolution of […]

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Remembering Sinead O’Connor

By - Kristi Houk “These are dangerous days. To say what you feel is to dig your own grave.” -Sinead O’Connor, “Black Boys on Mopeds” from I Do Not Want What I haven’t Got, (1990) I wasn’t supposed to write this. I was slated to review the latest Guided by Voices album (which is great, btw), but while poking around online during my lunch break on Wednesday, I saw the post with all of the broken heart emoji’s in the […]

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Jane Birkin – Singer, Actress and Fashion Inspiration dead at 76

She embodied beauty in the 1960's European erotic art cinema world, was the lover and collaborator with Serge Gainsbourg and even has the most famous designer bag named after her.  She owned her quiet confidence and inspired and emboldened sexuality in women everywhere. At 20, Ms. Birkin appeared in Michelangelo Antonioni’s hit 1966 movie, “Blow Up”  where she played a fashion model — the credits listed her as only The […]

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Top 10 Songs in Wes Anderson Films

By - Jackie Lo Wes Anderson films are filled with some of my favorite songs. With his film “Asteroid City” hitting theaters today (grab your tickets at Sidewalk Cinema) I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favorite songs from Wes Anderson films. These are my top 10 at the moment.   Number 10 “Le Temps De L’amour” Francoise Hardy (Moonrise Kingdom) There have been so […]

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The Cry of Jazz by Edward Bland and Requiem for Jazz by Angel Bat Dawid

By - Gareth Jones   For fans of new directions in Jazz, historically significant Black films, being educated while entertained Earlier this year, International Anthem (a fantastic record label out of Chicago) released the recording of the 2019 musical creation of Angel Bat Dawid.  This production was commissioned for the Hyde Park Jazz Festival. Dawid adds layered production of that one time performance.  This incredible work was inspired by the […]

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