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Film Review


By - Gareth Jones For fans of House Party, 90’s London, films about friendship If you were alive in 1999, your world was quite different as you approached New Year’s.  The Y2K hysteria was in full effect, Google was just starting to be a thing, flip phones with messaging had just started, and people actually tried to keep electronic pets called Tamagochi alive.  This era is expertly captured in humorous […]

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Film Review

Meet Me In The Bathroom

By - Nick Adrian For fans of The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New York, and music documentaries Once upon a time, there was a music scene in New York City that many considered to be groundbreaking and influential. One that’s been studied for years, leading not only the entire country, but even the entire world to turn its head toward the spectacle. Prior, the term “rock music” had expanded almost […]

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Music Review

Dazy – Otherbody

By - Kristi Houk Recommended if you like: Militarie Gun, 2nd Grade, Teenage Fanclub, The Beatles, The db's I love you synth-pop, but damn, if I'm not ready for some good old guitar rock. Like, no song over 3 minutes long. If that long.  As the weather warms up, I gravitate to crunchy licks and shredding solos. There's something beautifully nostalgic about driving down an open road, beneath a sun-bleached sky, […]

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Music Review

Purling Hiss – Drag On Girard

By - Jackie Lo If you like: Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, Ty Segall, Birds of Maya, "that 90's goodness" and blistering guitar solos It’s been a long 7 years since Purling Hiss has graced us with an album, but Drag On Girard is completely worth the wait and it’s pure unadulterated fun!  Garnering their name from its heavy use of distortion and white noise, this album is full of beautifully fuzzed […]

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Music Review

M83 – Fantasy

By - Kristi Houk Recommended if you Like: DIIV, Washed Out, Chromatics, Phoenix, Slowdive Where were you when you first heard the glorious "Kim & Jessie" a track off 2008's Saturdays=Youth from French musician M83 (aka Anthony Gonzalez)?  I, for one, was relaxing in a kiddie pool one sweltering July afternoon with my good friend, Greg, when he said "You HAVE to hear this." He was right. Those cinematic, new […]

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Film Review


By - Gareth Jones For fans of Hard to categorize films, coming of age films, Folk Horror, Australian Women directors Released in 1989, Celia has been a challenge for people to categorize. Initially, it was marketed as a coming of age story in Australia, but when it made its way to the United States it was misleadingly marketed at Celia: Child of Terror, in the same manner as The Bad […]

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Music Review

Fever Ray – Radical Romantics

By Kristi Houk Recommended if you like - The Knife. Zola Jesus, Bjork, early Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno "We Don't Come With a Manual," Karin Dreijer aka Fever Ray utters on "Looking for a Ghost" off her latest album (it's been 6 years) Radical Romantics as if she's sucking all of the air out of the room and throwing it back up and I mean that in the best way.   The […]

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Film Review


By Gareth Jones For fans of Au Hasard Balthazar, Animal perspectives, the Kuleshov Effect, Polish Film Although he lost this year’s Oscar for Best International Film to All’s Quiet on the Western Front, 84-year-old Polish master Jerzy Skolomowski’s has created an equally devastating examination of the inhumanity of mankind with Eo.  Instead of war, we get the perspective of the donkey, Eo, as he wanders in and out of relationships […]

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She Shreds

All words and photos by - Sandi Sidwell Everyone has their, "How they got into skateboarding story". Mine follows the I was going through a rough time narrative and needed help. I quickly found out that when you are learning to skateboard, your mind is completely focused on not falling. It let me exist for those hours without feeling the immense pain of losing a loved one. Fast forward to […]

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