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SIC PICKS 06.10.2024

Gareth’s Picks Greed (1924) Erich Von Stroheim's 4 hour silent masterpiece is available on TUBI.  Curl up for one full viewing or break it up into chunks but this 100 year old film still holds up as it examines the human susceptibility to the greed and downfall of humankind.  Perfect summer viewing.       The Return of Martin Guerre (1982) Before he was the Harvey Weinsten of France,Gerard Depardieu was considered one of […]

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SIC picks May 13 2024

Gareth’s Picks Four Lions (2010) Before Riz Ahmed and Kayvan Novak were who they are today, they starred in this satire about wannabe terrorists in England.  It takes a deeply disturbing world and somehow finds humor.  The acting is top-notch and the dark humor will make you laugh-cry. Actor/Director/Writer Christopher Morris does a great job balancing this topic.     Bug (2006) Directed by the one and only William Friedkin (RIP) […]

todayMay 15, 2024 9

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Gareth’s Picks The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (2006) Sorry, no pornography here. Join the always entertaining Slovanian philosopher Slovoj Zizek as he walks us through his psychoanalysis of film history in this documentary series. His take on films is always sure to be different and may even change your own understanding of a film or two. Available on Kanopy     While We Are Young (2014) Noah Baumbach's take on […]

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SIC PICKS 04.22.24

Gareth’s Picks The Gangster, the Cop, and the Devil (2019) Epic South Korean action film starring the always entertaining Ma Dong-seok, most famous for his role in Train to Busan. Here he is the gangster who teams up with a police officer to catch a serial killer. South Korean serial killer films are always worth a viewing. Available on TUBI   A Royal Affair (2012) Danish historical drama starring the GOAT […]

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SIC Picks APRIL 29,.2024

Gareth’s Picks The Fog of War (2003) Errol Morris's searing documentary about Robert McNamara and the Vietnam War.  Miraculously, Mcnamara was more than willing to sit down and be interviewed for the film and it gives you a front row seat in the thinking around the war.  It is just as important now as it was in 2003. Available to stream for free on TUBI     Lake Mungo (2008) Terrifying found […]

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