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SIC PICKS February 19, 2024

Gareth’s Picks Buck and the Preacher (1972) Sidney Poitier's directorial debut is this well-made western that also stars the great Harry Belefonte.  Poitier and Belefonte are brilliant together as they tell a story of black men in the west, an often untold story.  Belefonte in particular, greatly enjoys playing a complicated preacher that steals and kills, with all of his usual charms, in spite of his hideous teeth which he […]

todayFebruary 20, 2024 8

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SIC PICKS – February 12, 2024

Gareth’s Picks Fruitvale Station (2013) The film that launched the career of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan is based on the true story of a young black man killed in San Francisco by the Metro Police.  It frames this by showing his last day. It is powerful, heartbreaking, and essential cinema. Available to stream for free on TUBI     Red Hook Summer (2012) Underrated Spike Lee joint that tells […]

todayFebruary 12, 2024 10

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SIC PICKS – February 5, 2024

Gareth’s Picks Tongues Untied (1989) Marlon Riggs essential film about being a gay, black man was recently added to the Library of Congress Film Registry and for good reason.  It still resonates today.  Bold aesthetics and stories by one of the best filmmakers of his generation. Available to stream on Kanopy     Beyond the Lights (2014) My favorite Gina Prince-Bythewood film tells a romantic story around the music business in […]

todayFebruary 6, 2024 15

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January 29, 2024 – S.I.C. Picks

Gareth’s Picks Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970) The great Ossie Davis directed this early blaxploitation film that stars a who's who of 70's black cinema.  It has a strong punch to it to go along with all the usual entertainment from this era. Available to stream on TUBI     Is That Black Enough For You? (2022) Fantastic documentary form noted film critic Elvis Mitchell as he walks us through the […]

todayJanuary 30, 2024 14

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January 22, 2024 – SIC Picks

Gareth’s Picks All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) If you saw the recent German adaptation from 2022, you must see this version made by Lewis Milestone at the start of the sound era in Hollywood.  It is astonishing at every level and it is Pre-Code so it is able to present challenging material.  Interestingly, the lead actor Lew Ayres went on to become a conscientious objector for World War II […]

todayJanuary 23, 2024 11

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January 16, 2024 – S.I.C. Picks

Gareth’s Picks   Take Shelter (2011) Michael Shannon is at his very best in Jeff Nichol's end of world masterpiece.  The scene with Shannon's character losing it at the church dinner is one of the best you will ever see.  Also starring the always stunning Jessica Chastain and the Nichol's mainstay Shea Whigham. Available on the free streaming service TUBI   Cinemability: The Art of Inclusion (2018)  A well-intended documentary about […]

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Gareth’s Picks The Poseidon Adventure (1972) Ring in the new year with this classic slice of 70's disaster films.  Amazing cast led by the one and only Gene Hackman and Shelly Winters bloomers.  Who cares about the Titanic, give me the Poseidon every time.  We talked about it many moons ago on the show.  Here is a link.  https://www.mixcloud.com/substrateradio/sleep-in-cinema-episode-28-poseidon-adventure/ Available to stream on Amazon Prime   The Gold Rush (1925) One of […]

todayJanuary 8, 2024 14

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Gareth’s Picks Babette's Feast (1987) A masterpiece that never gets old.  A great film to watch around the holidays as we get together with family and friends and have a meal.  Gabriel Axel deftly presents the food and what it means to a person (Babette) and a community. Available to stream on Kanopy     Marcel-The Shell With Shoes On (2021) If you missed this delightful film when it played […]

todayDecember 18, 2023 25

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Gareth’s Picks   Blood Beat (1983) One of the weirdest Christmas movies ever released. Low budget horror film about a man possessed by an ancient samurai when he returns home for the holidays in Wisconsin.  It is bizarre in a good way.  If you are tired of the standards, this is a ridiculous alternative. Available to stream on TUBI and many others for free (don't pay for it!)        […]

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