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By – Gareth Jones

For fans of House Party, 90’s London, films about friendship

If you were alive in 1999, your world was quite different as you approached New Year’s.  The Y2K hysteria was in full effect, Google was just starting to be a thing, flip phones with messaging had just started, and people actually tried to keep electronic pets called Tamagochi alive.  This era is expertly captured in humorous detail by writer/director Reggie Yates in his debut feature length film.  The simple plot follows three friends (Cappo, Two Tonne, and Kidda) who represent a nice cross-section of the multinational North London population.  They grew up together and became a hip-hop trio with minimal success.  After a year at University, Cappo has returned home to spend New Year’s Eve with his friends and to tell them about his future plans.  Two Tonne has only one thing on his mind, getting together with Sophie, while Kidda only seems to be interested in food.  A night of hijinks and mishaps ensue.  If this sounds familiar, it should.  Yates was definitely influenced by House Party.  However, he creates a uniquely British film as the trio makes their way from North London to South London showing the diversity of experience across the town.   The editing is crisp, the music is nostalgic but still relevant, and the acting is excellent with an easy camaraderie between the lead actors that feels natural.  The script is full of humor and tenderness for these protagonists as they go through a challenging moment of discovery and transition into adulthood. The ongoing joke about plantains is particularly memorable.

While not a masterpiece, this 2021 film can give you a welcome jolt of nostalgia without overwhelming you.  It has a balance that is difficult to achieve for many coming of age films and will leave you with a pleasant smile as you remember the tamagotchis in your life.

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Written by: Gareth Jones

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