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The Jackie Lo Show has been a cornerstone of Birmingham’s airwaves every Monday night since 2013. Each show is a new theme and with over 500 episodes, there is never a shortage of ideas or new music.  In 2016, The Jackie Lo Show was syndicated on Birmingham Mountain Radio. While the show is deeply rooted in new music and indie rock, you’ll find everything from riot girl to the civil […]

Born in the shadows of Chicago’s Miracle Mile, and after a long migration made Alabama her home. She’s a bold Midwestern girl with southern bite and wit. 

With a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in flute performance and a love of loud guitars, she’s played with bands One Minute Go, Twinside, Jackie Lo (band),  Sunny So Brite, Nerves Baddington, and her newest project Dree Leer and has contributed to albums for Maria Taylor, Salvo, The Mighty Jarkobian and His Conglomerate of Sound and more. She’s released a Jackie Lo solo album “Until I’m a Ghost” and a self-titled Dree Leer 7” and full length album “Throw Hands” (2020) and has gotten to share bills with such acts as The Lemonheads, The Thermals, Quasi, Seratones, Bully, Ex Hex, L.A. Witch, and Winter.

When not playing music, by day she is Vice President and head of the  interior design department at CCR Architecture + Interiors.  

Jackie  has been hosting The Jackie Lo Show, a theme based program On Substrate Radio, every  Monday night  since 2013 and was syndicated by Birmingham Mountain Radio in 2016. She also hosts Substrate Bingo at Saturn Birmingham and helps manage Substrate Radio with her partner.


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