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Glitterer – Rationale

todayFebruary 22, 2024 28

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In today’s scene, where the echoes of DIY ethos clash with the glossy facade of mainstream appeal, Glitterer is back once again, working through it all with their latest LP: “Rationale.”  In a way, even though this album is not Glitterer’s first record it is THIS bands first.  What started of as a solo side project of Ned Russin has now been fully realized and and this new fuller version of Glitterer is here to bang in your door!  Joined by Nicole Dao (keyboard), Jonas Farah (drums), and Mike French (guitar), Russin finally has a crew, a band of collaborators if you will that really fill out the complete thought.

Rationale’s raw emotion and loud guitars are testament to the enduring relevance of punk rock in an age of self imposed digital disconnect.  Ned Russin, who you may better know from his former band Title Fight shows that Glitterer is now way more than just a side project. It’s just the newest vehicle for Russin’s to explore the depths of human experience with unfiltered honesty. 

From the opening chords of “I Want To Be Invisible,” the listener is thrust headfirst into a syncopated wall of distorted guitars and driving rhythms. Russin’s vocals, desperate and soaked in reverb and anguish, cut through the noise with clarity, delivering poignant observations on love, loss, and the search for meaning in a world gone mad.  Tracks like “Just a Place” and “Big Winner” show Glitterer’s knack for crafting  hooks without sacrificing an ounce of raw intensity. Each song is a tiny piece of a larger emotion, a quick look at the human condition.

Once again this is NOT Title Fight!  But what it is very familiar and warm.  Also, after this long this side project qualifies as no longer a side project!  Anthemic, Timeless melodies and just a certain longing to the lyrics make this feel new and nostalgic at the same time.

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Written by: jamric

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