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Gouge Away – Deep Sage

todayMarch 14, 2024 31

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By – Jackie Lo


If you like: Mannequin Pussy, Pixies, Fugazi, Metz, Nirvana

It’s been six years since we’ve gotten a new album from Gouge Away. With demos tracked and a pandemic that halted touring, the members headed in different parts of the country and any forward progress on new music was put on hold. But, last year, Gouge Away got back together and finished writing new material, developed the demos, and recorded Deep Sage live together in the studio. This album just feels warm and live and real. It’s exciting and full of the piss and vinegar you would want from a Gouge Away album.

The absolute ripper, “Stuck In A Dream” opens the album with a bombastic drum explosion reminiscent of Nirvana’s “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”. The line “Stuck In a Dream” refrains in a broken scream and resolves with a desperate plea of, “Now I just want to wake up” that answers the question of if the dream was a welcome experience or a nightmare.  I loved the build on “Idealized” with a Fugazi “Suggestion” spoken word verse to a screaming chorus of  “No apology….  No apology needs no apology”. Hell. Yes.  “The Sharpening” has an unrelenting Metz feeling bassline that makes me so excited to see these two bands play on a bill together April 24th at Saturn.  “Spaced Out” comes out with amazing Sonic Youth sounding guitars and repeating “I need space.” which I’m sure we’ve all hit the brink of needing to scream these words in a relationship, in life, and during the pandemic.  “I just want to be spaced out. I just need to be spaced out.” Yeah, me too.  “Dallas”, the final track (and my favorite) on the album has feelings of Yo La Tengo’s “Cherry Chapstick” with wailing My Bloody Valentine guitar bends. It’s the perfect way to tie a bow on this stellar album. Listening to it on repeat, sitting outside with my laptop with the sun shining, birds chirping, nose running from the pollen that just exploded this week, this song is the perfect soundtrack for the Spring ahead. For change. For regrowth. Yeah, this song is going to make it on my favorite tracks list for this year.

I know the pandemic changed us all. We put so many things on pause and had time to think about what was most important to us. Coming out the other side of it 4 years later, battle scarred and different people, it’s so beautiful to hear these songs that started before and were finished after.  It’s a moment of loudness in a socially distanced existence. It’s rediscovering what you love and not letting it die. It’s a renewed look and a stronger, even better version of oneself all in one album.

Out today!  Go buy this record and if you’re in the 205 buy it ONLY at SEASICK RECORDS

ALSO – Go see Gouge Away with Metz April 24th at Saturn!!!!!

Written by: Jackie Lo

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