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By – Nick Adrian

For fans of religious horror, nunsploitation, and Sydney Sweeney

Of the numerous millennial/Gen Z talents sprouting up in Hollywood recently, twenty-six year old Sydney Sweeney is one of our most prolific. Breaking out in television shows such as Euphoria and The White Lotus, Sweeney is establishing herself as not only a full-fledged movie star (roles in recent films such as Anyone But You and Madame Web) but a top-notch producer, as well. Sweeney had auditioned for a horror film named Immaculate ten years ago but the project was never made. Once Sweeney had the star (and industry) power, she bought the script and hired the director herself. This is a film its star and producer believe strongly in…and for good reason.

Immaculate follows aspiring nun Sister Cecilia (Sweeney), who turned to religion after nearly drowning at a young age. She believes that God is saving her for a purpose, which has led her to join an Italian convent. Though adamant about her life decision, Cecilia gradually begins to notice strange happenings around the church leading her to suspect she’s in the midst of fowl play. The overall attitude towards her among the church quickly changes once it’s discovered she’s miraculously pregnant.

The “nunsploitation” genre is nothing new in film, but Immaculate takes things in a fresh direction. Without giving anything too pressing away, it’s a religious horror for a modern age; one that takes its current climate in stride and adapts to it. Though nothing groundbreaking, Immaculate is a fresh and intense entry that satisfies horror fans and can rest comfortably alongside its 1970s European predecessors.

Immaculate is now playing in theaters.

Written by: Nick Adrian

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