Paramore Announces Break From Atlantic and Will Be Ambassadors For RSD 2024: Independent and Unstoppable

todayFebruary 12, 2024 32

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Paramore has shattered the chains of major label constraints and embarked on a thrilling new chapter as autonomous artists. Announcing their liberation from the shackles of corporate oversight, the band radiates a newfound sense of creative freedom and determination.

After years of navigating the turbulent waters of the music industry under the watchful eye of major labels, Paramore has seized control of their destiny, paving the way for an exciting journey ahead. With their declaration, the trio – consisting of the indomitable Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro – have set the stage for a fresh, unfiltered expression of their artistry.

In a statement resonating with both defiance and optimism, Paramore affirmed their commitment to longevity in the industry, asserting that they “will continue to have a long career.” This declaration not only underscores their unwavering dedication to their craft but also serves as a rallying cry for fans worldwide.

But that’s not all. Paramore’s declaration of independence coincides with another monumental announcement: the band will serve as the ambassadors for Record Store Day this year. This prestigious role not only pays homage to their roots but also celebrates their enduring connection with their devoted fanbase.

As Record Store Day ambassadors, Paramore will undoubtedly bring their signature blend of infectious energy and raw emotion to the forefront, solidifying their status as champions of the music community. Their involvement in this revered celebration of vinyl culture further cements their place in the annals of music history.

With Paramore at the helm, the future of rock is brighter than ever. As they set sail into uncharted waters as independent artists, they do so with an unwavering spirit and an unyielding determination to leave an indelible mark on the world of music. So, brace yourselves, for the era of Paramore has only just begun, and the possibilities are endless.

Written by: jamric

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