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Pissed Jeans – Half Divorced

todayFebruary 29, 2024 46

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By – Jackie Lo

If you like: Idles, Health, Metz, Mudhoney, Jesus Lizard

Pissed Jeans released their 6th album Half Divorced today on Sub Pop. Singer Matt Korvette said, “Half-Divorced has an aggression within it, in terms of saying, I don’t want this reality. There’s a power in being able to say, I realize you want me to pay attention to these things, but I’m telling you that they don’t matter. I’m already looking elsewhere.”

If you love two minute, fast paced, aggressive, noise punk songs that make you a little nostalgic for the 90s then this is the album for you. Pissed jeans are pissed and writing about killing the wrong people, helicopter parents, butane explosions, clinging to poisoned dreams, being in debt, stolen catalytic converters and more on Half Divorced. There’s got to be something on this album for everyone.

Half Divorced opens with “Killing the Wrong People” that made me feel like a teenager listening to early Soundgarden’s Screaming Life while jumping around in my bedroom whose walls were plastered in magazine covers and my hair flying everywhere while my parents knocked on the door to keep it down. This song live will bring an epically violent pit.

One of my favorite tracks, “Cling to a Poisoned Dream” has a video that looks like a friend got a fisheye camera and filmed his mechanic friends pretending to be in a rock back and performing in the back of the shop after a long shift. It clocks in at 1 minute and 28 seconds and packs a serious punch in a short time with sweltering guitars, a beautifully thick bass, and piercing drums that are precise and unrelenting.Ź

Next on the album is “Sixty-Two Thousand Dollars in Debt” that has my favorite and chunkiest verses on the entire album. Chanting “I paid it down / I settled up” followed by insanely cool guitar solos and the Zjuxtaposition of beautiful melody of the chorus that sings “sixty-two thousand dollars in debt” gives you a glimpse of Pissed Jeans humor and is one of my favorite parts of the whole album.

Don’t miss the Pink Lincolns cover, “Monsters,” followed by my favorite track “Moving On” that closes out the album. “Moving On”, one of the longest tracks on the album, also feels the most mature and developed, which makes sense about a song about moving on. This one has already made my new music playlists. We all have to grow up and there are so many things we’ll overcome and have to move on from. I just hope Pissed Jeans don’t move on from making more albums.

Written by: Jackie Lo

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