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Gareth’s Picks

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006)

Sorry, no pornography here. Join the always entertaining Slovanian philosopher Slovoj Zizek as he walks us through his psychoanalysis of film history in this documentary series. His take on films is always sure to be different and may even change your own understanding of a film or two.

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While We Are Young (2014)

Noah Baumbach’s take on the hipster generation versus Generation X.  Hilarious performance by Adam Driver and an annoying yet accurate performance by Ben Stiller.  Not Baumbach’s best but worth a viewing just to see the hats.

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Craig’s Picks

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)

I am not usually one for the true crime doc, but this one will leave you in a heap on the floor.  Who doesn’t love to be gutted by true crime a documentary? Directed by Kurt Kuenne – the friend to the dad who was murdered before his son was born as a gift to Zachary…and you are already crying, aren’t you?

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Man on Wire (2009)

Speaking of documentaries – this one is the best doc of 2009 according to the Academy. Philippe Petit’s daring and very illegal 1974 high wire routine is performed between the newly built Twin Towers in NYC. It was called “the artistic crime of the century” it’s also heartbreaking to see those buildings. Jeez I’m bumming myself out now.  I hope Gareth’s picks are happier (oh who am I kidding…)

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Written by: jamric

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