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The Dandy Warhols ROCKMAKER

todayMarch 14, 2024 45 5

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By – Kristi Houk

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The Dandy’s are back and Courtney Taylor-Taylor, lead vocalist for Portland’s party band, is paranoid. About a lot of things but mainly life as we know it and our complacency with it all.   Pretty sure this is why his band The Dandy Warhols have made one of the hardest hitting records I’ve heard all year.

Forget everything you think you know about The Dandy Warhols music. After 30 years of making danceable, blissed out rock that you can take any kind of drug to, their thirteenth album, Rockmaker is a full out rock and roll record – at times, nihilistic, anxious but determined to survive the inevitable apocalypse. It’s also a star studded album. More on that later. 

The album fittingly kicks off with “The Doomsday Bells” giving major Nine Inch Nails vibes with crunchy guitar, and scary keyboard riffs courtesy of Zia McCabe (I totally crushed on her back in the day.)   The cryptic, sludgy “Danzig with Myself” is Low era Bowie- my favorite on the record and the most pointed. – “I can’t believe how many people want to deceive us and I can’t believe how many people want to receive it.” Taylor has no idea what the truth is, Just put some heavy guitar on it, layered vocals, and call it a day. Keep your head in the clouds while the world burns.  A perfect choice enlisting  guitar god ,Slash on the super grungy “I’d Like to Help You With Your Problem” This line seems to point to supporters of you-know-who: “You couldn’t get the truth in through the side of your skull if you had a hammer and a drill.”  But the best surprise of all is guest vocals by THE Debbie Harry on “I will Never Stop Loving You” when you hear that iconic voice, you know and you drift off to outer space. It’s grand – for the grand dame. 

This is unabashed, in your face, rock and roll. 

The Dandy’s still have that catchy appeal but this time it’s a hell of a lot darker in there.

Stand Out Tracks: “Danzig With Myself,” “Summer of Hate,” “I Will Never Stop Loving You”

Written by: kristi houk

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