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The Jesus and Mary Chain – Glascow Eyes

todayMarch 21, 2024 42

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By – Jason Hamric


In the annals of rock ‘n’ roll resurrection, few bands possess the mythic allure and gut-punching sonics of The Jesus and Mary Chain. These Scots, the enfant terribles of noise-pop, have re-emerged from the mists of time with a resurrection that’s as seismic as it is sublime. Their latest offering, ‘Glasgow Eyes’, is a volatile cocktail of nostalgia, nihilism, and sheer audacity that reminds us why we fell under their spell in the first place.  Let’s not mince words here: The Jesus and Mary Chain are not a band known for half measures. From their inception, they’ve wielded their guitars like weapons, assaulting eardrums with a cacophony of distortion and feedback that’s as glorious as it is abrasive. And lo and behold, they’ve not lost an ounce of that ferocity in their reunion.

‘Glasgow Eyes’ is a testament to their enduring legacy, a blistering sonic assault that picks up right where they left off, as if the hiatus never occurred. From the opening shots of “Venal Joy” to the seductive drive of “Jamcod,” it’s clear that the Reid brothers haven’t softened with age; if anything, they’ve only grown more emboldened.

But beneath the wall of noise lies a keen sense of melody, a pop sensibility that’s always lurked beneath the surface of their sonic maelstrom. Tracks like “Discoteque” and “Girl 71” are veritable earworms, hooks buried beneath layers of distortion that worm their way into your subconscious and refuse to let go.  Also a very sneaky track, “The Eagles and The Beatles” starts by sounding very much like a Joan Jett track will have you rocking out bobbing your head wondering ‘Has this turned into a fucking Weezer song?’ The album’s lyrics are a twisted tapestry of existential dread and romantic longing that could only spring from the minds of Jim and William Reid. Their words cut like broken glass, shards of emotion that pierce the soul with their raw honesty. Whether crooning about lost love or the futility of existence, there’s an authenticity to their words that’s as rare as it is refreshing.

Of course, no review of The Jesus and Mary Chain would be complete without mentioning their live show, a visceral experience that’s as much a religious experience as it is a rock concert. And rest assured, their reunion gigs have been nothing short of transcendent, a blistering barrage of sound and fury that leaves audiences shell-shocked and begging for more.  ‘Glasgow Eyes’ is more than just an album; it’s a statement of intent, a middle finger to anyone who dared to write them off. The Jesus and Mary Chain have returned, and they’re here to remind us why they’re legends. So strap in, dear readers, and prepare to have your eardrums shattered once again.

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Written by: jamric

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