10-ish questions with Amanda Bates of The Bates Group at ARC Realty

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In this new segment each month, we’ll talk to one of our sponsors and let you get to know them and what they do.  These are the people that allow us to bring you the best in underground and new music as well as bring you a look at what your city has to offer.  This weeks spotlight and question are for The Bates Group!

Meet Amanda from The Bates group!  Her and her partner Patrick are long time friends of the station and also sponsors of The Jackie Lo Show.  They are great at what they do and like you’ll find with most of our Substrate family they are ultra community minded and work hard to be great representatives of their city.   I was super excited to find out what being a real estate agent is all about.

J:  I have seen signs that read “For Sale By Owner” before, why would you want to use your own realtor instead of trying yourself or if you’re going to buy even using the listing agent?

A:  It’s for your protection really. If you’re the buyer you might be tempted to just call the listing agent to see a house, but please be aware that the listing agent’s main priority is their client, THE SELLER.  It doesn’t cost you as the buyer anything to work with an agent, and our job is to get you the best deal possible.  If you’re the Seller we have lots of tools and experience at our disposal to greatly reduce the amount of stress involved in selling a house.  And, homes listed with a licensed Realtor make on average 26% more in profit than For Sale By Owner homes. 

Whoa, I had no idea!  

Are you self employed or do you make a salary

100% self-employed

How exactly does that work?

We are 100% commission. No salary, no hourly pay, no gas reimbursement, no company insurance. A real estate agent gets paid when your house sale closes, and not until then. Our commissions are paid by the seller, whether we represent the buyer or the seller. 

That’s amazing!

So if I were looking to buy a house, what’s the process like?

Well, one of our favorite parts of our job is working with buyers to identify their needs and help make them reality.  First we start by just having a conversation, usually over coffee, which allows us to customize a search to find your right home.  We explain the steps of the buying process, even help you find a local lender (if needed), and then show you homes which of course is the fun part!  After your offer gets accepted, we begin the more complicated part of negotiating the contract on your new home. There are a lot of details and steps to this process and it’s important you have someone with experience helping you along the way.

And if I were selling my house?

For sellers we start with meeting you at your house for a walk-through and discussion of pricing.  We can help you make a list of what items need to be fixed, and what you can do without spending money on.  We have vast experience pricing homes, and together we will come up with a pricing strategy.  Once your home is on the market we are able to share the listing with thousands of local agents and on multiple platforms. Then we work closely with you once offers come in and help negotiate the best outcome. Also a very fun part of the job!

What’s the funnest part of be a real estate agent? 

That’s an easy one!  When one of our friends asks to see a house, or ask us to sell their home.  It’s not just a job for us, it’s a responsibility and honor.  Both buying and selling are deeply personal experiences, and we are very respectful of that.  We love that we have been given permission to walk through a family’s history and be a piece of their story. 

As a buyers agent, is there any criteria on who you will work with? 

NOPE!  We work with all kinds!  All budgets and all financial situations.  We love expanding our family with new clients, and there’s nothing more rewarding than working with people multiple times whether it’s their next home or vacation home.

Are you limited to what properties you can show someone looking to buy?  Do they need to be in your network of homes?

Not at all.  Any property that is listed in the MLS and any For Sale By Owner that allows Realtors to show we can show. 

Where all have you shown houses to potential buyers?

Well, we are licensed to show anywhere in Alabama but we typically serve communities within 30-45 minutes of Birmingham.  We have sold homes as close as Crestwood, Irondale and Hoover and as far Birmingham as Odenville, Chelsea and Sylacauga.

Where is the farthest place out you’ve had to work?

The furthest home I have sold was in Anniston.

Wow!  I have to ask, how many miles do you put on your car each year?

Last year we did about 10,500 miles just for work


How many hours do you work a day?

(Laughing) What are work hours? 

One last silly question I just have to ask.  Ever see anything weird in someone’s house?

Oh, I will never forget “Scary Basement Guy”!   I was showing an empty house in Alabaster to a client.  As far as we knew, no one was home.  When we got to the basement which had very little light, there was a man just standing silently in a corner facing the wall!  The potential buyer and I turned and hustled up those basement stairs and out the front door so fast!  We were both freaked out.  We later found out that this guys grandmother the owner didn’t tell him there was a showing and I guess he was hoping that if he stood real still we might not see him.  Scared the pee out of us!


You can catch up with Amanda and Patrick at THE BATES GROUP

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