The Cure Live “Paris” gets a reissue

todayFebruary 8, 2024 17

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In a thrilling revelation for die-hard fans and newcomers alike, The Cure has announced the reissue of their legendary live album, “Paris,” accompanied by a treasure trove of previously unreleased recordings. Set to hit shelves and streaming platforms next month, this revamped edition promises to reignite the magic of one of the band’s most celebrated performances.

Originally captured during The Cure’s 1992 “Wish” tour, “Paris” captured the essence of the band’s live prowess, showcasing their unparalleled ability to mesmerize audiences with their signature blend of melancholic melodies and ethereal atmospheres. Now, three decades later, this seminal recording is set to receive a sonic makeover, courtesy of none other than the band’s frontman and musical mastermind, Robert Smith.

Smith, renowned for his meticulous approach to soundscaping, has taken on the task of remastering the live set, ensuring that every note, every whisper, and every thunderous crescendo is presented with unparalleled clarity and depth. Drawing upon advancements in audio technology and his own artistic vision, Smith has breathed new life into this timeless recording, elevating it to even greater heights of sonic splendor.

But that’s not all. In addition to the remastered original tracks, fans can expect a wealth of previously unreleased recordings from the same era, offering a rare glimpse into The Cure’s creative process and live performances. From electrifying renditions of fan favorites to intimate acoustic sessions, these unearthed gems promise to offer a fresh perspective on the band’s iconic catalogue.

For fans who have long cherished “Paris” as a pivotal moment in The Cure’s illustrious career, this reissue represents a chance to relive the magic of that unforgettable night in Paris. For those who are just discovering the band’s timeless music, it serves as a captivating entry point into The Cure’s rich and multifaceted sonic universe.

As anticipation builds and excitement reaches a fever pitch, one thing is certain: The reissue of “Paris” is set to reaffirm The Cure’s status as one of the most influential and enduring bands in the history of alternative music. So mark your calendars, dear readers, and prepare to immerse yourselves once again in the spellbinding world of The Cure.


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