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Amp Fiddler, Storied Detroit Artist, Dies at 65: A Musical Luminary Leaves an Indelible Legacy

In the heart of Motown, where the rhythms of the city beat in tandem with the pulse of its music, the vibrant soul of Detroit has lost one of its most illustrious sons. Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, the renowned singer, keyboardist, and producer, transitioned from this world at the age of 65, leaving behind a legacy that echoes through the corridors of funk, soul, and the rich tapestry of Detroit's musical […]

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Disney Icons Set to Sail into Public Domain Waters in 2024

In a landmark development for intellectual property, the iconic character Mickey Mouse, along with an early iteration of Minnie Mouse and the lovable Tigger, is poised to enter the public domain in 2024. This transition, a consequence of the expiration of copyright protection, marks the first time that these cherished Disney characters from the Steamboat Willie era will be released from the tight grip of legal constraints. Steamboat Willie, the […]

todayDecember 15, 2023 90


2023 Staff Picks

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Film Review

The Legend of Boggy Creek

By - Gareth Jones Released as a pseudo-documentary two years before The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and cited as a direct influence on The Blair Witch Project, the legacy of The Legend of Boggy Creek is a triumph of ingenuity, persistence, and marketing.  It is still worth a watch, especially as a precedent for so many other films from mocumentaries like Incident at Loch Ness or fake documentary/horror films like the […]

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Shane MacGowan Leaves $12k For His Funeral Bar Tab

In the wake of the irreverent and poetic troubadour Shane MacGowan's departure from this mortal coil, an unconventional testament to his spirited legacy has emerged. MacGowan, whose lyrical prowess and soulful crooning defined The Pogues, left behind not just a musical oeuvre but also a testament to his penchant for the extraordinary—an ephemeral bequest of $12,000 earmarked solely for his funeral bar tab. In an era where the extravagant posthumous […]

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Dave Grohl Slept Through Boy Genius Session

In the annals of rock 'n' roll history, there are legends of wild nights, epic collaborations, and then there's Dave Grohl, the man who apparently found time to catch up on some beauty sleep during a recording session with boygenius. Yes, you read that right. Dave Grohl, the high-energy force behind the Foo Fighters, reportedly snoozed his way through what was supposed to be a guest performance on boygenius' debut […]

todayDecember 13, 2023 74