America Finally Has A Top 40 Hit With “Fart” In The Title: A Symphony of Absurdity

todayFebruary 6, 2024 49

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In a moment that can only be described as “Are we really doing this?” America has officially reached a new low in its musical journey. Move over Beethoven, because Ice Spice has dropped a bombshell—or rather, a fart—into the Billboard charts with their latest hit, aptly titled “Think U The Shit (Fart)”.

In an era where lyrical genius and musical prowess used to reign supreme, we now find ourselves embracing a song that celebrates flatulence. It’s like we’re living in an alternate reality where idiocy is not just accepted but celebrated. One can’t help but wonder what’s next on the musical horizon. Will we soon be grooving to songs about belching, nose-picking, or perhaps even toe jam? The possibilities are as endless as they are horrifying. But hey, who are we to judge? Maybe “Fart” is the anthem we never knew we needed. Perhaps it’s a profound commentary on the state of our society, a bold statement about our collective descent into absurdity. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a testament to the fact that we’ve run out of ideas and are now scraping the bottom of the barrel for entertainment.

Regardless of its deeper meaning (if there even is one), one thing is for sure: with “Fart” now making waves on the charts, we’ve officially taken one giant leap closer to the dystopian future depicted in the cult classic film “Idiocracy”. So buckle up, America, because if this is our idea of music in 2024, who knows what other absurdities lie ahead.

Written by: jamric

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