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AUGUST 14, 2023 – S.I.C. Picks

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Gareth’s Picks

The Story of a Three-Day Pass (1967)

Melvin Van Peebles directorial debut from 1967 about a soldier who gets a three-day pass in Paris still has resonance and potency.  Of course, he would go on to be one of the most important and influential filmmakers of all time.

Available on Kanopy (get it through your library card!)



The River (1951)

French master Jean Renoir’s first color film was shot entirely in India  Gorgeous to see, but also hits on many important themes in the Renoir way.

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Craig’s Picks

Time of the Gypsies (1988)

When I lived in Athens, GA in 1997 we had about 6 VHS tapes to watch. One was the same 8 episodes of Friends (for some reason) and another was Time of the Gypsies. This is a magical realism film from former Yugoslavia about a teenager with telekinesis who is roped into a life of petty crime. It’s ethereal and weird and feels like a fever dream. It’s what Neutral Milk Hotels In the Aeroplane Over the Sea would look like as a movie.

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Time Square (1980)

It was a coincidence that both picks have the word “time” in the title.

A Robert Stigwood-produced 1980 movie about two teens running around seedy, pre-Disneified Times Square with Tim Curry as a radio DJ with a bizarrely amazing soundtrack featuring The Cure, XTC, The Ramones, Gary Numan and so many more. It’s wild.

Available to rent on all platforms

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