Björk and Rosalía Unite for Environmental Cause with New Single “Oral”

todayNovember 21, 2023 84

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In a surprising and innovative move, musical icons Björk and Rosalía have joined forces to release a powerful new single, “Oral,” with all proceeds earmarked to support a legal battle against foreign-owned salmon farming operations in Iceland.

The avant-garde Icelandic artist, Björk, renowned for her experimental soundscapes and boundary-pushing music videos, has teamed up with the flamenco-inspired sensation Rosalía to create a track that transcends genres while addressing a critical environmental issue close to both artists’ hearts.

The music video, a visual feast directed by the visionary Björk herself, intertwines the ethereal with the provocative, mirroring the delicate balance between nature and industrial pursuits. Against this backdrop, “Oral” emerges as a haunting anthem, blending the distinct vocal stylings of the two artists in a captivating synthesis of sound and message.

The decision to direct all proceeds from “Oral” towards the legal battle against foreign-owned salmon farming operations in Iceland demonstrates the artists’ commitment to environmental activism. Björk, a vocal advocate for preserving Iceland’s unique landscapes, and Rosalía, who has previously expressed concerns about environmental degradation, are leveraging their artistic platforms to effect tangible change.

Iceland’s salmon farming industry, largely dominated by foreign entities, has faced criticism for its environmental impact, including concerns about water pollution and the depletion of local fish stocks. The legal fight supported by the proceeds from “Oral” aims to bring attention to these issues and advocate for more sustainable practices within the industry.

As cultural icons with global influence, Björk and Rosalía’s collaboration serves as a testament to the power of art to inspire change. By using their creative prowess to shed light on environmental issues, these two musical visionaries are not only pushing the boundaries of their respective genres but also contributing to a crucial cause that transcends borders and resonates with a global audience.

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