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Guided By Voices – La La Land

todayJanuary 26, 2023 230

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By Kristi Houk

Recommended if you like: The Who, British Invasion, Dinosaur Jr.

You might be thinking—do I really need to hear another Guided by Voices record? And understandably so. Since the band’s return in 2017, La La Land is their 14th release. However, the answer is unequivocally, YES you really need to hear this. Everything you love about GBV is here—melodic, esoteric, moody, clever, and just fucking good rock and roll that in my opinion, we don’t have enough of these days. What I love about this record is that Bob Pollard (frontman, vocalist and primary songwriter) isn’t afraid (I actually don’t think fear is in his vocabulary) to write a crazy, nonsensical garage fueled track like Cousin Jackie: Make it rain for the roses Bring down Happy Jack and Holy Moses Heaven make it rain What the hell is he on about? But then he goes and writes a heart wrenching, beautiful song like Queen of Spaces that brings me to tears and is the best song I’ve heard so far this year. Please drop what you’re doing and listen to it immediately. It’s only 3 minutes long. Come on. I’ve seen her face inside In a lightning house With an impregnable desire for Finding how not to be found. One of the many things I love about Pollard’s songwriting is that he’s empathetic to the female experience. What I mean by that is, he’s empathetic to us gals. Paul Westerberg is the same way. Also, Doug Gillard is a master guitarist here and Bob’s lucky to have him. He’s the secret weapon. La La Land is a fun ride. Get on board. Maybe even attempt a few leg kicks in true Pollard fashion. Stand out Tracks: “Queen of Spaces”, “Instinct Dwelling”, “Released Into Dementia”

Written by: kristi houk

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