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Joanna Sternberg – I’ve Got Me

todayJuly 6, 2023 63

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By – Jason Hamric

If you like Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor, or other OG or modern NYC indie folk

Joanna Sternberg’s new album, “I’ve Got Me” gives us a fresh look at the complexities of growing up and the journey it takes to find yourself.  I’ve Got Me is a blend of folk, indie, and introspective songwriting.  The album draws you in by the raw and emotive voice of Joanna Sternberg. Their voice carries an honest vulnerability that feels like a warm hug, as if they are speaking directly just to you.  It’s a wonderful mixture of songs that touch upon themes of love, self-acceptance, and navigating the uncertainties of life.

“Gone Away” is a hauntingly introspective piece that dives deep into the depths of loss and longing. The delicate guitar plucks and Sternberg’s heartfelt lyrics create an intimate atmosphere that envelops the listener in a wave of emotions.

Another favorite is “Just a Little Talk.”  It’s simple acoustic guitar arrangement allows Sternberg’s voice to really draw you in.  Accompanied by it’s poignant lyrics that explore the complexities of human connection, it’s beautiful harmonies and a certain vulnerability in their delivery makes this track an absolute standout.

While the album mostly explores themes of introspection and vulnerability, Sternberg also adds moments of hope and self-empowerment. The closing (and title track), “I’ve Got Me,” is a strong anthem of self-acceptance and serves as a reminder that no matter what challenges are thrown in your way, you have what it takes to rise above them.


“I’ve Got Me” really showcases the talent and depth of Joanna Sternberg.  Their ability to write music that is both introspective and relatable is a task easily conquered by Sternberg.  Sternberg’s soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and honest vulnerability make this album a true gem in the realm of indie folk music.

Written by: jamric

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