Limited Edition Fuzz Pedal Contains Hidden Kevin Shields Track

todayNovember 21, 2023 46

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In the hushed realms of shoegaze, few figures loom as large as My Bloody Valentine’s visionary guitarist, Kevin Shields. An icon of ethereal soundscapes, Shields has sculpted his signature tonal landscapes through an arsenal of effects that have left indelible marks on the genre. Now, in a move that has sent tremors through the shoegaze community, Shields has collaborated with Fender to birth the “Shields Fuzz,” a limited-edition pedal destined to become the stuff of legend.

Restricted to a mere 100 units out of the total 800 produced, the Shields Fuzz is more than a mere stompbox; it’s a portal to the heart of Shields’ sonic alchemy. Beyond its beautifully encased controls lies a secret waiting to be unveiled: a concealed thumb drive, a key to an uncharted realm. Within this thumb drive lies a new, unreleased instrumental track from the maestro himself—a clandestine treasure hidden in the heart of the pedal.

Shoegazers and My Bloody Valentine enthusiasts alike now find themselves on a quest for the elusive Shields Fuzz, each unit a coveted ticket to a private performance by the mastermind behind Loveless. As the sonic architects of the genre continue to push boundaries, Shields once again proves himself a pioneer, inviting fans to join him on a sonic pilgrimage into uncharted territory. The limited edition Shields Fuzz stands as a testament to the enduring mystique of Kevin Shields, ensuring that the echoes of his innovation will continue to resonate through the shoegaze landscape for years to come.

Written by: jamric

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