Minor Threat Unleashes Raw Energy with “Out of Step Outtakes” EP

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Legendary hardcore pioneers Minor Threat have declared the imminent release of a three-song EP titled “Out of Step Outtakes.” Scheduled to hit the shelves on December 1 via the iconic Dischord Records, this release promises a visceral trip back in time to the raw, unfiltered energy that defined the band’s early days.

The EP consists of previously unreleased outtakes from the groundbreaking “Out of Step” recording sessions, offering fans a rare glimpse into the intensity and urgency that fueled Minor Threat’s meteoric rise in the early 1980s. True to their DIY ethos, the band’s decision to unveil these hidden gems underscores their commitment to preserving the authenticity of their musical legacy.

For those who have been craving a sonic time capsule, this release is a godsend. From the aggressive riffage to Ian MacKaye’s unmistakable vocal delivery, “Out of Step Outtakes” captures the essence of a band unapologetically forging its own path in the hardcore scene.

Dischord Records, the stalwart home of Minor Threat, continues to serve as the guardian of punk’s rebellious spirit. The EP not only pays homage to the band’s seminal work but also provides a renewed testament to the enduring influence of Minor Threat on punk and hardcore music.

As the countdown to December 1 begins, punk enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the unleashing of these sonic treasures. “Out of Step Outtakes” is not merely a glimpse into Minor Threat’s past; it’s a sonic manifesto that solidifies their status as architects of a genre and a reminder that, even decades later, their sonic rebellion remains as potent as ever.

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