MJ Lenderman Announces Exciting New Live Album and Shares Captivating “You Have Bought Yourself a Boat” Video

todayOctober 30, 2023 167

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Artist, MJ Lenderman, has dropped an announcement that has his fans ecstatic. The multi-talented musician, known for his genre-defying compositions and mesmerizing performances, is set to release a new live album. But that’s not all; he has also unveiled the striking new video for his latest single, “You Have Bought Yourself a Boat.”

Lenderman, whose work has consistently defied categorization, is known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. This latest offering is no exception. The live album promises to capture the raw energy and ethereal quality of Lenderman’s performances, offering fans a unique and immersive auditory experience.

However, what adds a fascinating layer to this announcement is the revelation that MJ Lenderman’s significant other is the lead singer and songwriter for the acclaimed band Wednesday. This dynamic partnership is an intriguing fusion of creative talents, both in their individual pursuits and potential collaborations.

The accompanying video for “You Have Bought Yourself a Boat” is a visual spectacle, directed by auteur Jessica Wednesday, showcasing their shared artistic vision. It’s a testament to the boundless creativity that this duo brings to the music and visual arts.

As Lenderman’s fans eagerly await the release of his live album, the music world is abuzz with the promise of this creative powerhouse’s continued impact. Stay tuned for an auditory journey that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary, as the lines between music and art continue to blur in the hands of MJ Lenderman and Wednesday.

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