Pissed Jeans Unleashes Sonic Fury with “Half Divorced” Album Announcement and Riveting New Song

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In a thunderous revelation that has sent shockwaves through the punk and alternative music scenes, Pissed Jeans, the revered noise-rock quartet, has officially declared their return with the forthcoming album, “Half Divorced.” The announcement comes accompanied by an electrifying video release for their latest single, cementing the band’s status as relentless sonic provocateurs.

Pennsylvania-born Pissed Jeans, known for their unapologetic blend of punk aggression and raw energy, have been tantalizing fans with the promise of new material since their last full-length release, “Why Love Now,” in 2016. With “Half Divorced,” they not only make good on that promise but also raise the stakes in terms of musical intensity and lyrical depth.

The album, set to drop on March 23, 2024, via Sub Pop Records, promises a visceral journey into the human experience. From the initial glimpses provided by the lead single and accompanying video, it’s clear that Pissed Jeans is not holding back. The track, aptly titled “Rationed Routine,” serves as a harbinger of the band’s unyielding commitment to sonic experimentation and uncompromising lyricism.

The accompanying music video for “Rationed Routine” is a frenetic visual feast that mirrors the ferocity of the track. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Stakun, the video captures the band’s live intensity while weaving in a frenzied narrative that complements the chaotic sonic landscape.

“Pissed Jeans has always been a band unafraid to confront the harsh realities of life with unapologetic authenticity,” says lead vocalist Matt Korvette. “With ‘Half Divorced,’ we continue to delve into the messiness of human existence, exploring themes of fractured relationships, societal disillusionment, and the relentless grind of everyday life.”

The band’s willingness to tackle these themes head-on has resonated with audiences since their inception in 2004. Pissed Jeans has cultivated a dedicated fan base drawn to their raucous live performances and unfiltered lyrical approach, often blending humor with biting social commentary.

As anticipation for “Half Divorced” builds, Pissed Jeans is gearing up for a series of live performances and promotional events. The band’s bold return is undoubtedly a significant moment in the alternative music landscape, and their fearless exploration of the human condition promises to make “Half Divorced” an essential listen for those seeking an unfiltered sonic experience.

In a musical landscape often dominated by predictability, Pissed Jeans stands as a beacon of sonic rebellion, and “Half Divorced” is shaping up to be the rallying cry for those who crave authenticity in the face of a sanitized industry. As the countdown to the album release begins, fans and critics alike can rest assured that Pissed Jeans is prepared to unleash a sonic tempest that will reverberate for years to come.

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