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Gareth’s Picks


Blood Beat (1983)

One of the weirdest Christmas movies ever released. Low budget horror film about a man possessed by an ancient samurai when he returns home for the holidays in Wisconsin.  It is bizarre in a good way.  If you are tired of the standards, this is a ridiculous alternative.

Available to stream on TUBI and many others for free (don’t pay for it!) 




City LIghts (1931)

On the other side of the coin, warm your heart and soul with this masterpiece from Charlie Chaplin.  No matter how many times I see it, the end gets me.  Always worth seeing and a reminder of how there will never be another Chaplin.

Available to stream on Kanopy for free



Craig’s Picks


My Bodyguard (1980)

After watching Alexander Payne’s homage to 70s movies with The Holdovers (watch this now), I was reminded of this gem from 1980 starring Chris Makepeace of Meatballs fame and Adam Baldwin (he’s the quintessential “oh yeah THAT GUY!” Character actor). It’s also got Martin Mull and Ruth Gordon and a young Matt Dillon. With Joan Cusack and an uncredited Jennifer Beals as students in the high school. A friend once said he wanted to start a band called The Young Matt Dillions and I think about that like once a month.

Available on Apple TV



Scrooge (1970)

Albert Finney is Ebenezer and Alec Guinness as the Ghost of Jacob Marley (that guy got type-casted playing ghosts helping main characters after this). Anyway it’s a weird 70s Christmas musical but it’s my absolute favorite version of A Christmas Carol. 

Stream on Apple TV, Paramount+ or free on Plex”

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