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Gareth’s Picks

Satantango (1994)

Got 7 and 1/2 hours to spare?  Good.  Watch Bela Tarr’s epic film.  It is “slow cinema” at its finest. Set in a post-apocalyptic, post-communism Hungary, Tarr traces the machinations of humanity.  By the way, it is fun to put a space in between the title words to get Satan Tango, with the structure of the film mirroring an actual tango dance.

Available to stream on Kanopy


Doctor Who-The Fourth Doctor Season 12

The first season with my favorite Doctor, Tom Baker, and his adventures with Sara Jane and Ian. These are some of the all-time best episodes including The Ark in Space, Revenge of the Cybermen, and Genesis of the Daleks.  Get out your scarf and jelly babies to watch the best Doctor of them all.

Available to stream on Tubi


Craig’s Picks

The Station Agent (2003)

After seeing Peter Dinklage recently in the new Hunger Games movie I realize he’s been an actor on the scene for over 20 years now. I remember loving the Station Agent when I saw it. The directorial debut of Tom McCarthy, this is a true indie, almost a left over of the 90s indie era, about a man that moves into abandoned train depot and builds relationships with the locals. It’s lovely.

Streaming on Paramount+ or rent on all the streaming services


She Came to Me (2023)

Continuing the Peter Dinklage love-fest, cut to this year’s She Came to Me starring Dinklage, Anne Hathaway and t r love of my life, Marisa Tomei. Dinklage is a celebrated music composer with writers block and a lack of inspiration. He is reawakened by wandering through NYC and with the help of a new friend in Tomei. It’s a solid little movie with some great performances.

Available to rent on Apple TV

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