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Gareth’s Picks

A Dark Song (2016)

wildly underrated folk horror from 2016.  Written and directed by Liam Gavin, this is a slow building but greatly rewarding experience.  It stars the amazing Catherine Walker and Steve Oram in essentially a film with just the two actors.  A film about grief, pain, and release.

Available on Kanopy




Kit Kitteridge

An American Girl- that’s right, An American Girl.  I have two daughters so I have watched some questionable capitalist material in my time, but this film actually is good and has fantastic people behind it.  It stars Abigail Breslin as the title character but it also stars Stanley Tucci, Joan Cusack, Julia Ormond, Willow Smith, and ,,, Wallace Shawn.  Watch it with a kid you love, even if you are that kid.

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Craig’s Picks

The Bride (1985)

Coming off the success of his weird underwear in Dune, Sting takes a turn as Dr Frankenstein with The Bride starring Jennifer Beals as the titular character Eva. Also starring Clancy Brown and David Rappaport (Time Bandits!). Oh wait Cary Elwes and Timothy Spall too. Holy shit, Alexi Sayle?!.

You would think this movie would have been better with all these people in it…also given the two leads, a lot more dancing.

Available to rent on Apple TV


Miracle Mile (1988)

Speaking of horror, I loved watching movies about nuclear war as a kid, call it  exposure therapy since I was deathly afraid of it, but after the Cold War they weren’t as fun.

Well guess what???? WW3 is back on the table gang! This isn’t the 80s nostalgia I wanted. Anyway, Miracle

Mile is a weird movie starring Anthony Edwards (that’s Goose from Top Gun) and Mare Winningham (she was in St Elmo’s Fire).

Anthony picks up a call from a phone booth (yeah  they had those in 1988) and it’s a wrong number from a missle silo guy who says WW3 has started and then Goose and Mare run around the Fairfax/Museum district until the world ends. It’s shot at Johnnies Deli on Fairfax and Wilshire and ends at the LaBrea Tarpits so it’s geographically accurate. Good luck out there.

Also available to rent on Apple TV (I swear these are not paid endorsements)

Written by: jamric

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