Speedy Ortiz Celebrates a Decade of Sonic Excellence with Major Arcana Reissue

todaySeptember 28, 2023 42

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In the ever-evolving landscape of indie rock, certain albums have a way of etching themselves into the annals of musical history. Speedy Ortiz’s “Major Arcana” is undeniably one of those records. A decade after its groundbreaking release, the band is preparing to unleash a 10th-anniversary reissue that promises to rekindle the spark of its initial impact.

Mark your calendars for November 17th, as Speedy Ortiz invites us to embark on a journey through time and sound. “Major Arcana,” with its angular riffs, poetic lyricism, and relentless energy, was nothing short of a revelation when it dropped in 2013. Now, it’s time to celebrate this timeless masterpiece with a fresh perspective.  To sweeten the deal, they’re including a treasure trove of visual delights, from rare photographs to personal notes in a specially crafted zine. It’s a tactile, immersive experience that connects fans with the band’s journey over the past decade.

As we await the arrival of this 10th-anniversary reissue, it’s worth reflecting on the profound impact “Major Arcana” has had on the indie rock landscape. Speedy Ortiz’s fearless and introspective sonic exploration carved a niche that countless bands have since tried to inhabit. It’s a testament to the enduring power of their music that we’re still celebrating this milestone today.

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