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Questlove Chronicles the Beat of the Culture in New Tome: “Hip-Hop Is History”

Questlove, the legendary Roots drummer, producer, and profound musical scholar, is gearing up to drop into the literary world with his latest work, "Hip-Hop Is History." Scheduled for release on June 11th, this isn't just another book; it's a deep dive into the essence of what many consider the most significant artistic movement of our era. Hip-hop, with its rich tapestry woven from the threads of rebellion, innovation, and the […]

todayMarch 7, 2024 4


John Carpenter Announces New Album ‘Lost Themes IV: NOIR’

In a resonant symphony of synths and shadows, maestro of macabre melodies, John Carpenter, has unveiled his latest opus: 'Lost Themes IV: Noir'. A maestro whose name evokes a sense of cinematic dread, Carpenter has long been the architect of our darkest dreams, and now he invites us to traverse the noir-laden corridors of his imagination once more. With each note a brushstroke on the canvas of suspense, Carpenter's musical […]

todayMarch 6, 2024 9


Sunny Day Real Estate Illuminates the Past: A Pearlescent Gaze into “Diary” 30 Years Later

In an era where the past often feels like a currency, Sunny Day Real Estate’s announcement of the 30th anniversary reissue of "Diary" on limited edition pearlescent vinyl is not merely a transaction for those yearning for the golden age of emo—it’s a vibrant, living testament to the album's enduring legacy. This isn’t just about revisiting a seminal work; it's an invitation to experience "Diary" anew, with all the depth […]

todayMarch 4, 2024 10


Squirrel Flower Pulls Out Of SXSW: “A Music Festival Should Not Include War Profiteers”

In a bold move that’s sparking conversations across the music industry, Ella Williams, known by her stage name Squirrel Flower, has announced her decision to withdraw from the official SXSW showcases. Her protest is aimed squarely at the festival's connections with the defense industry and its implications for the Palestinian people. Williams's decision underscores a growing concern among artists and activists alike about the ethical implications of cultural and business […]

todayMarch 4, 2024 13


Paz Lenchantin Departs Pixies After a Decade in the Band!

Paz Lenchantin, the talented bassist who's been laying down those killer grooves for Pixies for over a decade, is parting ways with the band. The Pixies, known for their groundbreaking sound and electrifying performances, have been a staple in the alternative rock scene since the late '80s. Paz Lenchantin's departure marks the end of an era, leaving fans with a bittersweet chord struck deep in their souls. Lenchantin's tenure with […]

todayMarch 4, 2024 77


DC Scene Vets Form “Foreign Correspondents” to Pay Tribute to Michel Pagliaro

In a nostalgic nod to the golden era of '70s French-Canadian power-pop, a group of old friends and stalwarts of the DC music scene has come together to form "Foreign Correspondents." Comprising Ted Leo, Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Michael Hampton (Faith, Fake Names), and Sohrab Habibion (Edsel, Obits), the band's latest endeavor sees them paying homage to the iconic Michel Pagliaro with a new 7" single released via Outer Battery Records. […]

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Well, folks, gather 'round as we bid farewell to Richard Lewis, the man who made neuroses look downright stylish. He shuffled off this mortal coil at the ripe old age of [76], leaving behind a legacy of laughter and enough anxiety to fuel a small country. Richard was a comic who didn't just wear his heart on his sleeve; he wore it like a badge of honor, proudly displaying his […]

todayFebruary 29, 2024 13


St. Vincent Teams Up with Dave Grohl, Cate Le Bon, and More for Highly Anticipated New Album, “All Born Screaming”

Annie Clark, better known by her stage name St. Vincent, has sent waves of excitement through the music world with the announcement of her forthcoming album, "All Born Screaming." This new LP marks her return as a solo artist, and it's shaping up to be something truly special. One of the most captivating aspects of this announcement is the stellar lineup of collaborators joining St. Vincent on this musical journey. […]

todayFebruary 29, 2024 39